Prelims MCQ (002) [IAS-2020]

Q. Consider the following activities:

  1. Spraying pesticides on a crop field.
  2. Inspecting the craters of active volcanoes.
  3. Collecting breath samples from spouting whales for DNA analysis.

At the present level of technology, which of the above activities can be successfully carried out by using drones?

(a) 1 and 2 only
(b) 2 and 3 only
(c) 1 and 3 only
(d) 1, 2 and 3

Answer: D (1, 2 and 3)

Drone technology has been used by defense organizations for quite some time. However, the benefits of this technology extend well beyond just these sectors e.g. emergency response, humanitarian relief, healthcare, disease control, weather forecasting, etc.

Recently, Australian scientists used drones (that flew 200 meters above the blowholes of whales) to collect the mucus of whales from their water sprays to examine their health. The whale spray collected by a drone contains DNA, proteins, lipids, and types of bacteria. Hence option 3 is correct. Drones have also been used to study the craters of active volcanoes to know about their recent activities, a place which human beings cannot directly access. Hence option 2 is correct. Recently, the use of drones to spray pesticides (in Telangana) was in the news. It is considered illegal in India. But in the US it is legally practiced in many states. Hence option 1 is correct. Hence option (d) is the correct answer.

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